Local Dwellings

Who We Are

Local Dwellings was started by Taylor Bergen in the summer of 2019 to  better assist the community with all housing needs; renting, buying,  selling, and investment.  

Local Dwellings believes that  individuals, empowered by community, can positively impact their  neighborhood through ownership, investment and improvement. We aim to  make the housing experience as stress free as possible, through  experience, patience, understanding, and problem solving. 

Housing  is the bedrock of an individual’s daily life and the foundation for  financial solvency! Let us help you today on the path to your housing  needs!

Taylor Bergen, Realtor

I grew up in Northern Wisconsin, in a town of eighty-five year-round  residents called Ellison Bay. Growing up in a small town had its  challenges, but it really taught me the value of community, and what  having a good relationship with the people around you can do for your  family and your community. Since my town was on Lake Michigan, we  enjoyed a very busy summer season with lots of visiting tourists from  out of state. My parents used that to their advantage and kept me out of  trouble by having me work at local restaurants starting at age  fourteen. Those experiences taught me the value of hard work that has  stayed with me today and allowed me to save money for College.


After  graduating High School, I attended Luther College in Decorah, IA.  Luther gave me so many great opportunities like a trip to Namibia and  South Africa, lifelong friends, and tools to be successful  professionally. It also introduced me to one of my favorite hobbies,  Ultimate Frisbee, which remains my favorite way to stay in shape. I  graduated with a degree in Music, and particularly studied  Ethnomusicology, or the way a society produces and values music. 

After  graduation, I moved to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Since that time, I’ve worked  for two area non-profits, started a non-profit myself, bought a house,  rescued three cats and fostered eight and met my wife, Courtney. Eastern  Iowa is my home, and I think it’s one of the best places in the country  to live and a great place to find your future. 

Real Estate has  been a passion and dream of mine even before I got my license. I love  fixing up my one-hundred-year-old home, and I love the great  opportunities for ownership that our city provides. Home ownership is  the cornerstone of individual prosperity, and a pillar of the American  Dream and I’d love to help you throughout the process. In my time in the  business, I’ve enjoyed being honored as the 2018 Cedar Rapids Area  Association of Realtors “Rookie of the Year” as well as my companies  award by the same name. In 2019, I started Local Dwellings, to better  serve the Eastern Iowa community with everything housing related from  buying and selling, to renting and investing. I’m determined to help as  many people as I can!


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